About Us

Welcome to Kraft!

Our footwear-related journey started back in January 2009, and Kraft was founded in 2014. We announced to open its first retail store as a premium shoe brand in 2020 during the pandemic. Since then, it has started working towards providing the best quality footwear and leather crafts to our valuable customers.

We offer footwear, fashionable leather bags, and belts with attractive designs for ladies, gents, children, and teenagers. Besides, exclusive designer footwear for the wedding is also available at Kraft.

Kraft strictly maintains these features:

- Quality

- Durability

- Superior/ Attractive Design

All our footwear, leather bags, and belts are of the best quality. We never compromise with the quality of our products.

All Kraft products are solid, comfortable, and durable. We pay special attention to the durability of the products to ensure customer satisfaction.

We focus on fashionable and smart design to keep our customers updated with the trend.

So, put your trust in Kraft for all types of quality footwear, leather bags, and belts.

kraft Business Trade License Number (TL) 138040, Business Identification Number (BIN) 001074438, Tax Identification Number (TIN) 397127980238

Enjoy 24/7 Shopping.

Thank you.