About Us

Our Founder & Founding History

Sohel Farida dynamic and ambitious entrepreneur from Chittagong, Bangladesh, founded the Kraft Shoe organization on January 18, 2014. In the mid of 2019, by inaugurating Kraft to the local market and all set to shoe sourcing, manufacturing, branding, and footwear designing units, announced to open of its first retail store as a premium shoe brand in 2020 during the pandemic in Chattogram, former Chittagong city, Bangladesh. From 14 March 2020, through the outlet, it has started selling its own Kraft brand best quality designed footwear, leather crafts, and related products and acquired a good benchmark in the footwear field.

In 2021, Kraft Shoe Organization opened its online e-commerce portal ( https://www.kraft.com.bd/ ). Since then, Kraft began a retail shoe business across the country, receiving good business feedback and appreciation from customers around the country, even though most companies struggled due to the vast pandemic outbreak.

Our Story

Kraft is a premium shoe & leather craft brand based in Chittagong (now Chattogram), Bangladesh. It is the first and only shoe, and leather crafts retailer brand with a nationwide business handled to a countrywide retail market through its e-commerce platform from Chattogram. Currently, Kraft is one of Chittagong’s leading retailers by volume.

Our Quality

Our goal is to provide you with the best and happiest products around. Kraft offers premium footwear, fashionable leather bags, and belts with attractive designs for men, women, children, and teenagers. Besides, exclusive designer footwear for weddings is also available at Kraft. All Kraft products are solid, comfortable, and durable. We pay special attention to the durability of the products to ensure customer satisfaction. We focus on fashionable design to keep our customers updated with the trend. So, put your trust in Kraft for all types of quality footwear, bags, belts, shoe accessories, and leather essentials.

Our key features

- Quality

- Durability

- Superior/ Attractive Design

Our Brands

1. Kraft (Men, Women, Kids Footwear and daily leather essential products)

2. Socks & Smile

3. Urban Walker by Kraft (Flip Flops)

4. Kraft Pinki (Women’s Theme based Shoes)

Our Products

1. Shoes

2. Bag

3. Belt

4. Sneakers

5. Apparels

6. Footwear Accessories

Our Business Information

kraft Business Trade License Number (TL) 138040, Business Identification Number (BIN) 001074438, Tax Identification Number (TIN) 397127980238, Digital Business Identification Number (DBID) 942612664.

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